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Another blog?

Thanks for the kind offer WordPress, but I think I have enough blogs right now. Any more would be irresponsible.

This has been an unkind day for me, this whole evening I have been fighting with my computer and wifi, neither one wants to work.

Also there is a rumor going around that iPhone 5 will not released until next year. I think that it is true for one reason, I really want one.

After all the fussing and fighting, I am ready to go to bed so good-night all.



I did not make it to the meeting. No one else was going so I didn’t get ready then they went but I was having cramps, so I didn’t go.

Last night it was very windy and we lost power about 7:45. We hardly ever lose power. When the power went out, I was on the computer and couldn’t figure out why the room was dark but the computer was on! OK so I had a brain freeze moment. M lit all her candles and everyone was carrying around their flashlights. I ended up going to bed at 9:00, Stitch was reading The Jungle Book, the original not the Disney version, by candlelight.

Progress Notes

Not WW progress. Just progress in general. I was thinking about this at Panera, when I noticed a couple at another table with their computers and wondering if they were im’ing or e-mailing each other. So a sign of progress is emailing your lunch partner from across the table.

Another sign is your roommate calling you on your cell phone when she is in the living room and you are in your bedroom.

And how many phone numbers do you have, a home phone, a work phone, a cell phone.

We have names for our addresses. We have email addresses, and ‘snail mail’ addresses. I have an address for text messages to my cell phone. Actually I have 6 addresses. Home, work, work email, 2 personal email addresses and cell phone text message address.

Also, we can take our personal thoughts and post them for the world to read.

I’m Back

I downloaded a new browser and now I can update from home. I ran some spyware and my computer seems to be working. I will let you know later how it goes.

Hello Again

Hi how have you been. I have not been able to update this in forever, as you can see. My father gave me a new laptop and I couldn’t get in to update this. Right now I can’t even use it because it has a virus. When I get it fixed I am going to try again. If not, I will just start a new one. So this could be the last entry I make.

As for WW, I gained 7 pounds over the summer, but I have started to lose it so it was just summertime funk. Well, Gwen is waiting for me so I had better leave. I think she might be reading this since I am on a public computer at the library.