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Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Grand Central Terminal, where everyone waits. For a train, for the subway, for the lady to toast your bagel, for friends coming to visit, and for the Apple store to open.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I was just going to get the picture from my parents 50 wedding anniversary party and post it, my family, than I read: family means something different to everyone. Find a picture that means family to you and share!

Someone once said, friends are the family you pick, so here is my hand picked family, the boys who pick on me terribly, but would flatten anyone who hurt me, the girl who never tells me to ‘act my age’ and of course the cats. The cats would be mad if I excluded them after all the hair they left all over my clothes. My niece who cried because I left before her slumber party so I couldn’t come to it and made me promise, the next time you come visit ….. except I haven’t been back, the rest of the family, well, I wouldn’t pick them to be my family.

I knew if I just looked through my photos I would find a sky photo. I love taking pictures of cloud formations, the sky peeking through the branches of trees and so on.

Topic #144:

Make a top ten list of things to do this summer. And if you are somewhere in the world where the seasons are different, make a top ten list of things you want to do next season.

1. Go to all the Saturday Yankee Games.
2. Go see the Staten Island Yankees play at Dutchess Stadium.
3. Start looking at apartments in Manhattan.
4. Read more books.
5. Get my Beth Israel hospital bill settled.
6. Get my insurance claim with EVIL Asurion settled.
7. Lose 5 pounds.
8. Exercise more
9. Go swimming.
10. Post everyday.

I noticed that this is not a ‘things you want to get done’ or goals, just things to do this summer. More on the line of summer activities. At least that is how I took it.

Frustration is mounting

I was online, the connection was working, things were great, and then it died. I can’t even look to see the hint for today, which I need to do because I really can’t think of anything to say. I had a thought, an idea and when my connection died, I got so frustrated I just lost it.

And that is all, says she.

Should you help homeless people? Whether you should or not, I have. I have donated to coats to the homeless and whenever I see the guys collecting for the outreach services that help the homeless I put money in if I can get to my wallet easily. Sometimes, I will put dollars in my pocket just so I can donate. Especially in the winter.

So while I help them, I don’t give them the money directly. But I do give money to programs that help them.

There are many reasons people may end up homeless and some of the homeless are children, that is my reason for helping.

The day after

Sunday night the announcement was made by President Barak Obama that Osama bin Laden was dead. There was much speculation about possible retaliation, comments that this didn’t mean the end of the war or hostilities. The Daily Post even posted this question:

According to reports yesterday, Osama bin Laden was killed. What will change, for you, for the U.S., for the world, now that Osama is gone? Or it will it not have much of an effect at all?

Monday morning I took the train into Grand Central Terminal. Like I’ve been doing the past 5-½ years I wondered if this morning would be any different. The mood on the train was normal. It wasn’t my normal train since I had overslept, but I have taken the train occasionally. We got off the train and headed up the ramp, so far it was a normal day. Then at the top of the step were two police officers. That is not usual, then inside the doors two more, then a K-9 officer, they weren’t being intrusive, just standing around watching every one. There were just a lot more then normal.

Do I think this will change things in the U.S. and abroad? No not really, terrorism is still out there, there is the chance of retaliation that we need to be aware of, if the terrorist leaders have done their job correctly, teaching that this is a holy war not a war for the leaders, I fully expect someone to step up and take over where Osama left off.

And that is all, says she.