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Pictures from Manhattan

I got a kick out of this. Live Bait at the top and Raw Bar in the window. So, does unsold live bait go into the raw bar? My brain is weird.


Street Fairs

These are glass pendants, they are very popular at the street fairs. You can usually find a table in every block. They are also really cheap, most are $3 with $1 for the cord to hang them on. They are sold separately so you can match whatever color in the pendant you want with a cord. I have 3 that I got from street fairs and one that I got from a street vendor.

These are two of my necklaces. For some reason I keep getting heart shaped ones.

Normally Saturday is my day to play in Manhattan. However last weekend I had planned to come down Sunday with Gwen since Em and D were going to the game on Saturday. The plan was to go with Gwen to church on Saturday, then go down Sunday to walk around, take in a street fair, just kind of hang out. However, Em sent me a text during the week asking if I wanted to go to the game Sunday, since I had already planned to be in the city with Gwen. So our plans changed. We went down early to go to a street fair and then took the subway up to the stadium for the game.

First we got watermelon, then we stopped to get glass necklaces. For the first time ever I had the roasted corn. So good, roasted with a little butter and salt, I will definitely be getting it again. Then Gwen got a banana strawberry crepe and I got a hot Italian sausage. I may never get another hot Italian sausage at the stadium again. It was so much better.

Then we headed up to the Stadium, forgot the 7 wasn’t running so instead of taking the D we took the 4 and met family from Ohio (Yankee fans) headed to game. Since I already wrote about the game, and since I am behind in my posting, I’m going to post my pictures from Manhattan in a couple of separate posts.