This morning I overslept. Not bad, but I was 30 minutes late. I really didn’t want to go into work, but I dragged myself out of bed and came in. I had two meetings today, one I forgot about until I got in and saw the e-mail. Our new regional director wants to get to know everyone. I believe the polite expression is, stuff and bother. Anyway, since I had to spend time in meetings I didn’t get to the work that piled up that lately I have been able to start whittling away at.

Also, I was updating one of my reports, and saving it to the H drive like I have been instructed, and it wouldn’t save. Then I got an error and the document closed, without my changes being saved. [insert bad word here] So when I went to the first meeting I was cranky, and then they were were just talking and talking and my head started to hurt.

And Asurion called, to see if I was enjoying my new replacement phone. So I called them and told them, No I’m not I had to return it to you, I included a letter with the details because no one returned my call. I didn’t tell them, you better get your shit together because I am ****ing angry, I am keeping my eye on you, like Sting.