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The saying is, everyone wins in Buffalo, except the Bills. It is not an entirely accurate statement. Of the 772 games the Bills played in their existence they have won 348 of them, 205 of those wins were at home, in fact they won more at home than away. They were AFC Champions 1990 through 1990, in 1995 they won the Wild Card Playoff game only to be eliminated in the next round by the Steelers (I hate the Steelers). In 1996, 1998, and 1999 they were also in the Wild Card Playoffs. Then things went downhill, and now they say, everyone wins in Buffalo, except the Bills.

This season I thought they were going to do great things. They have better numbers then the year before but started to falter halfway through the season. It was sad.

Then I noticed the Ravens. The first thing that caught my eye was their pretty purple uniforms, then the cute quarterback, then I saw that they had beaten the Steelers, TWICE! (I hate the Steelers) So I decided I would end the heartbreak and root for the Ravens. I even bought a shirt and dogtags and fuzzy purple striped socks, made them my team and believed they were going to the Superbowl. They ended the season in first place, they beat the Texans to advance to the AFC Championship, and last Sunday lost to the Patriots (I hate the Pats too, lot of hate on my blog today).

Here’s what I can’t figure out. For all intents and purposes, I am a ‘bandwagon’ Ravens fan. Just joined this year, because they are purple and they were winning, so why do I feel so down, the same down feeling from the Bills losing or the Yankees losing? Someone suggested that it could be I am feeling this way because the Pats won, but I don’t think that’s all. I think part of it might be I became a Bills fan because I lived in Buffalo and stayed a fan because they are the only true NY team, while I decided on my own to root for the Ravens (for some admittedly girly reasons, although they are a good team). So there is a personal connection, and I definitely think I will root for them next year, after all I have a shirt and fuzzy socks.

Dead man charged for running faucet – Canada –

Make sure you turn your water off before you die or you might get a bill for $600. And the city is ‘mulling over’ whether or not the bill should be paid or not. After all, the policy is the bill has to be paid!

Two things I love about reading. One is library books. I love them because they are free, so if you get a book that is a total waste of paper, at least you didn’t waste any money. I’ve been fortunate in that every place I have lived there has been a library accessible to me. Even in Buffalo although I abused the privilege and kept the book for a year, and when they sent me the overdue book letter with notice of a fine that was more then the book was worth, I just dropped it in the book return. I can probably never get a library card in Buffalo again. In the Hudson Valley, not only was I within driving distance of 4 libraries. I could request a book from any library in the Hudson Valley Library system.

The other thing I love is my e-reader. It is so convenient to have all my books in one little device I can carry about with me. So imagine my joy when I discovered you could borrow e-books from the NYPL. Yes I was jumping up and down, well I would have been if I had wanted to actually get off my couch. Which I don’t have to do now to get my books from the library.

There is one little problem. The last time I borrowed a book for my e-reader, the quality was not good and I could barely read it. However, Kindle books are available and I have a Kindle app on my iPhone. I went in on NYPL mobile site and requested the book. Not downloadable through their mobile site. I had to go online with my computer and download the book. I wasn’t sure how this would work, but when I clicked to download the book I was redirected to Amazon and the book was sent to my phone. I would be able to read it the next time I synced my Kindle app. Except it didn’t. I synced and no book. However, when I went to Amazon on my phone, the book was available for download in my ‘digital purchases’, so I was able to get it on my phone and read it.

Also, with the Amazon cloud reader I am able to read Kindle books on my computer. How cool is that? I know, I don’t really like reading books on my computer, but the print is so big and at this stage of my life, the bigger print the better.

So I headed to SoHo to partake of tea and scones at Harney and Sons.
Someone had told me that a friend of her’s was going to do her nails, 4 nails one color and the ring finger another color. Then I saw it in a blog or online, I’m not sure where, being that I am only a little adventurous, I just had Esther put glitter polish over the color, can you see it?

Last time, I hope

Wednesday I had a doctor’s appointment, a followup on my treatment for the warts on my feet. I was sure my right foot was completely free of warts and the doctor agreed with me. However the one on my left foot is being stubborn so the doctor froze it again. Of course I am a big baby so I am whining about it.

The doctor’s office is in the Flatiron area of the city so after my appointment I went down to get my ear checked. My last piercing is hurting and oozing so I wanted Ashley to look at it. She wasn’t there but the other piercer looked at it and put a longer post on. Hopefully with a little room the swelling will go down. He also loosened the blue diamond earring because that one was being a little ‘cranky’ as well. Then of course I had to get tea and scones.

Coming home was the real problem, the subway stopped at 86th. I wanted to get home so I got off and walked home from there. My foot didn’t appreciate that and complained the whole way home. It’s still complaining, I may have to take some Aleve.

Now it is way past my bedtime. If I don’t sleep soon, I won’t make it to work tomorrow.

Already missed

This morning I woke up late. It is my Wednesday off and I was looking out the window wondering if I should get up or not, thinking about what I had planned for the day, when it hit me. I didn’t blog yesterday. So here it is January and I have already missed a day.

Yesterday I got an e-mail that a book I requested from the library was in. I didn’t even remember that I had requested it. So I picked it up and when I got home I read it. That is what I was doing instead of blogging. I have discovered that while reading may give you great ideas and inspire one to write, it is impossible, for me at least, to do both at the same time. So last night I read and didn’t blog.

Today I have sort of made up for it. Not just in writing this blog post, but I wrote three (3) reviews on my other blog. I am kind of proud of myself for buckling down and doing them before I finish another book. Now I just have to decide, what book should I read next?

Part of an hour

Forty-five minutes is all I have left of today, and I have nothing to say. No commuting nightmares this morning, so homicidal thoughts today (well at least not as many as usual), no shopping disasters (unless you call not being able to find a Bill’s hat anywhere) and so nothing to write about.

This makes posting daily difficult. I am making an effort, but at the same time I don’t want to write the same boring thing over and over. I need work in creating an interesting post out of nothing. But today was just, go to work, then go shopping for a calendar and pens.

The State doesn’t buy us calendars. Their reason (that they gave us) is that we have a calendar in our e-mail program and we can print off a daily page if we need. The problem I have is you can’t take your computer in the field with you, and I doubt this idiots can figure out how to print a page from their calendar when I have problems doing it.

One of the guys was asking about not getting a calendar, “Really? Are you effing kidding me? We haven’t gotten calendars in a few year, you’re just now noticing?” So that is why I was buying calendars this evening, not for him, for me. While I was buying a calendar for my office, I decided it might be a good idea to buy one for my apartment. So before I go hang it up, I am going to check my Google calendar to see if I need to write anything on it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

If you look closely you will see a red dot in the sky, it’s a kite and it has been “launched”.

**Taken in Central Park, New York, NY**

Toxic Waste

This candy is at Dylan’s Candy Bar. The first time I saw it I didn’t buy any, but I thought of a little boy (almost 25) who would like it. Today I had to go up to the Hudson Valley for services for a friend who died. So I went to Dylan’s last night so I could get all the kids some candy. For Stitch I got Nerds rope, I got Sweetarts, root beer barrels, and jolly ranchers. Of course they didn’t really need all that candy, but I like getting it for them. Since I don’t live there anymore it makes a treat for them, that is the way I feel about it. Not only that but it’s hard to find the Nerds rope and Stitch really really like them. He also likes sour candy.

When I picked up the candy, I noticed there was a warning on the candy, I had never seen that. When I gave to Stitch, I had actually decided I wanted to keep them but he wouldn’t let go of the can. He ate one, then gave one to me. As I was leaving he said, “I need to give my mouth a break.” I asked him how many he had eaten. He grinned, “3”. Yes, he really loves sour candy.

O.K. these are just Christmas Trees.
And shoes? Maybe someone got shoes for Christmas.