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Ground Zero Museum

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Time for a treat

So I headed to SoHo to partake of tea and scones at Harney and Sons.
Someone had told me that a friend of her’s was going to do her nails, 4 nails one color and the ring finger another color. Then I saw it in a blog or online, I’m not sure where, being that I am only a little adventurous, I just had Esther put glitter polish over the color, can you see it?

This must have been some party

O.K. these are just Christmas Trees.
And shoes? Maybe someone got shoes for Christmas.

Calling all photogs

There is no rhyme or reason for my photos, I just shoot what interests me.
There are a lot of playgrounds in the city.

I had no idea what this was, so I googled it and you can click on the link to read about it, or you can google Tudor City like I did.

There is a lot of tile work in the subway. Most of it is the name of the station, sometimes it is a picture. This is at the 96th and Lexington subway stop (or maybe the 110th, I’m not really sure). If you look closely, you can see that the man is wearing a NY Yankee baseball cap.

Do you like me?

I’m just throwing random titles up. I have decided to start doing photo posts. Every time I take pictures, I’m going to post them here. So no clicking links to see my pictures they will all be here.

First set:

Em had a Groupon for this store, she didn’t buy any yarn, just a loom and a pretty bag, but now that she knows what selection they have she is going through her yarn at home and planning to come back.

This is the dress I mentioned in my last post. I cropped out my face for obvious reasons.