One day this week a woman got on the train carrying a cup of coffee. Instead of a paper sleeve she had a crocheted one. My first thought was, I want it! My second thought was I can make it myself. I went online to find a pattern, all the patterns I found were crocheted, but I wanted a knit one. I decided it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to make one myself.

20130316-134725.jpgAnd here it is, and here are the directions. I used “Caron Simply Soft Party yarn” medium size, gauge is 18 stitches, 24 rows with #8(5mm) US needles=4″x4″ (10 cm). I used size #4 US, (3.5 mm) double pointed needles to make the knitted sleeve shown.

Cast on 34 sts. Join
Rnd 1: K
Rnd 2: Purl all even rows.
Rnd 3: K 17 sts, increase one stitch, K 16 sts, increase one stitch, K1
Rnd 5: K
Rnd 7: K 18 sts, increase one stitch, K 17 sts, increase one stitch, K1
Rnd 9: K
**Rnd 11: K to last stitch, increase one stitch in space before last stitch.
Rnd 12: P
Rnd 13: K
Rnd 14: P

Repeat from ** until sleeve is as long as you want it. Bind off next row, weave yarn ends in.

20130316-135937.jpgAfter finishing it and trying it on the cup to make sure it fit, I did another test. I took the sleeve off the cup and boiled some water, then I made tea in the cup. I put the sleeve on and held the cup, yes I am holding a paper cup with boiling water in it. So not only does it protect my hand, I was also able to get it on the cup when the cup was full. I call that success.