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Suddenly a shot rang out! Yes i stole that. I’m visiting my best friend this weekend, she needs help sewing a coat so i came up today. She cut out the pattern then left to go to church with her husband leaving me with the pattern pieces and fabric. Being the careful seamstress that i am i looked at the instructions to lay out all the pieces before i began cutting. There was a front, a gusset, an upper and lower sleeve, side panel and back, i picked up the last big piece of tissue paper, it wasn’t the back. The back wasn’t there. Her daughter came over from the couch to help me look for it, in the pattern pieces, the pattern envelope. We got crumpled pieces out of the garbage, no back. I wondered if the pattern company had forgotten to put it in, then i remembered she had held the back up to her to measure it. 

At this point i became convinced i had somehow lost the pattern piece and would have to leave not just her house but the country and berated myself for not learning Portuguese before having to move to  Brazil. 

Her daughter remained optimistic, with ideas and scenarios, “Maybe it fell on the floor when mom was carrying it over here.” So we started looking under things, she picked up the couch and i checked, no pattern piece. She found another piece of crumpled  up tissue paper the cat has been playing with and started to uncrumple it. “This isn’t it, too thin.” I stood next to her as the 9 became visible, “That’s it, that’s the pattern piece. Go get the iron and ironing board.”

Piece found, ironed out, and placed on the fabric. Now we can drink banana smoothies and laugh at ourselves. 

My back still HURTS!

From last Saturday, and I aggravated it Tuesday by moving the washing machine. Well, it was in my way and it was empty so I thought it would be alright. I got my hair done, and Wednesday the sewing machine place called to tell me my machine was fixed and sewing beautifully. So I left work early, back hurting, tummy hurting, falling asleep still, went to Allsport, did 15 minutes on the AMT so I could get to S-N-V and then up to get Stitch and Gwen, I was there early and of course they got out late.

We went to Fishkill tonight since we missed last night. Next week we have to go Wednesday because Stitch has a talk. I really want to read some more in my book but I really should go to bed. I want to know what Gill did to Alison.

My beads came today. They are so pretty, this necklace is going to look so nice.

Well, time to sign off.