From last Saturday, and I aggravated it Tuesday by moving the washing machine. Well, it was in my way and it was empty so I thought it would be alright. I got my hair done, and Wednesday the sewing machine place called to tell me my machine was fixed and sewing beautifully. So I left work early, back hurting, tummy hurting, falling asleep still, went to Allsport, did 15 minutes on the AMT so I could get to S-N-V and then up to get Stitch and Gwen, I was there early and of course they got out late.

We went to Fishkill tonight since we missed last night. Next week we have to go Wednesday because Stitch has a talk. I really want to read some more in my book but I really should go to bed. I want to know what Gill did to Alison.

My beads came today. They are so pretty, this necklace is going to look so nice.

Well, time to sign off.