Just finished this book, will come back to comment on it.

O.K. I put my laundry in and did stuff and now I have no time to comment on this book. But I will, but now I have to post pictures of the baby blanket I just finished.

I really enjoyed this book. What I have discovered about Peter Robinson, is even though the books are a series, they are not all the same. For instance in this book, you learn about DC Susan Gay, who up to this point has just been mentioned, and that by other characters, you don’t really see her. She is very smart but very insecure for lack of a better word. She is always questioning herself, and worried that others are looking at her critically and reporting on her to her superiors. One of those people who blames themselves when things go wrong, or if they make a mistake, feel they shouldn’t have made it, even if it was their inexperience that caused it. Considering she is a female in a male dominated profession it is very understandable and Peter Robinson makes it very believable.