So, I just got hit with a headache. OW! I gave the blanket to the new mommie to be, well, she is not actually a NEW mommie, this is her third, but it is her first GIRL! She said she loved it, likes how soft it is, had to give me a hug. She also liked the baby feet on the bag and the card.

I took a few minutes to pop over to WW to check my threads. I just pasted ♪♥♫♥ >^..^< on them so tonight I can find them and type something. Laurie Lee sent an e-mail to Pam saying she has to leave the thread. I remember when I did that, then I came back, now the thread is no longer there. I am sure that will not happen to BT and BTF. There are too many people that post to it for it to just fade to black.

There was another thread that I used to post to that is no longer there. I can't believe that at one time I posted to 7-10 threads. One thread now only has like 3 regular posters. Every once in a while someone new posts there, but they don't come back.

My weight was up this morning, but my pants seem to be fitting better. So that is an NSV.