We have an ant infestation. They are after the cat’s food. I told him to eat all his food, or get rid of the ants. He hasn’t done either. So, I threw all his food (in his bowl, not in the plastic container which so far, is ant free) in the toilet and flushed. Then I put the bowl, which had cat food ‘dust’ and ants back on the floor, thinking I would take care of it in the morning. In the morning, the bowl was clean and the ants were gone. I could not imagine what had happened, had the ants eaten all the crumbs, or did the cat? Did the cat eat the food and the ants? Well, I put food in his bowl, and this afternoon when I got home the ants were back.

So I took a nap. Not a long one, just about 45 minutes. Then I went upstairs and ate, then went to Allsport, then went to Target and got ant traps! I also got some WD-40 because the door knob is sticking and the lock won’t lock all the way. I got another skort because they have finally made it to the clearance rack. And when those really nice tank tops make it to the 50% off rack, I will get one of them.

So the bowl is washed out, the floor is clean and the ant traps are in the wall. Hopefully no more ants.

One last comment, I have exercised 4 days in a row.