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The next day I went out and took some pictures and video. The pictures are on Flickr and the videos are on my YouTube Channel.

Then the Wednesday after the storm a noreaster blew through with nasty biting wind and snow. I know because I was out in it shopping. I am a tough New Yorker (Translation: Stupid). First I went to the yarn store to get yarn for the shawl I’m making for one of the bridesmaids in my best friend’s daughter’s wedding. I was wearing my gray down coat and it got soaked, it is not exactly waterproof. Besides the coat getting soaked, my jeans and every other part that was exposed got soaked too. I came home to change, but I didn’t want to put on my other winter coat, since I would need a coat the next day. The e-mail we got about cold stress, which I at first by cold they meant virus but they were talking working outside in cold temperatures, said dress in layers. I put on my long underwear, a sweatshirt and over that my coaches jacket, which has a fleece lining and is waterproof. It’s not designed for really cold weather, but with the layers it worked out fine. So I then ventured out again, this time for ….. a new coat to replace my gray coat.

The next Sunday (4 days later) when I went to church I wore a summer dress with a cotton sweater, tights and dress shoes. Last night I was back to wearing a coat. Winter in New York. No wonder I now have sniffles and a sore throat.

Welcome to Manhattan

In the month I have been living in Manhattan, there has been an earthquake and now a hurricane. If I was a superstitious person I would say the city doesn’t want me here.

This morning I went out, my plan was to go to my church and participate in some volunteer work. The sky was white, that white I’ve seen before a blizzard. Now I now it’s not just a winter storm sky, it is a storm sky. It was sprinkling and the wind was blowing, and I looked in Rite Aid and there was a line. I went back home, changed my clothes and did my laundry. And the laundromat was crowded, I couldn’t even put my clothes in the dryer twice, the lady that works there was ready to pull them out as soon as the dryer stopped. So I just brought them home and laid them out to finish drying.

Then I went back out to Rite Aid to get more batteries. Just in case, and I also found some single serving cans of chicken salad, only two left I got them both. I filled my bathtub, but the plug is not very efficient and it drained out. So I just filled it again. I also went out during a break in the rain to get some Chinese food. I hope pork fried rice tastes good cold. Now I am just sitting here waiting for the storm to hit.

The rain is back and the cables that hang down my building are swaying in the wind. Across the avenue lights are on in the high rise, pretty high up. It mildly concerns me, even though this is not an evacuation zone we are awfully close to it.

Hopefully my next post-hurricane post will not be long in coming.