I made it to 18, the last 4 in a bowl of ice cream. The website says it is 5 points, but since I had 6 activity points I don’t really care. What makes me mad is I had this all typed out and the blog shut down on me. Now I have to retype it and it is difficult because I am trying to type with white gloves on! I have white gloves on because my fingers are all cracked so I put Neosporin on the tips. Anyway, when I climb the stairs in my building (work) I can make it to the 8th floor before I have to rest. I posted to that thread I mentioned in an earlier post in this blog and told them I was wearing my “skinny” jeans. Suzzy congratulated me. At All Sport I weighed 132.25. I couldn’t weigh myself at home because they were having the book study. Tomorrow is Nick’s concert.

This is a necklace I designed and made. There are some things I don’t like about it. If I ever make another I will fix the things I don’t like.