Archive for February 8, 2010

>It’s the little things

>that drive me freaking nuts. Work was a trial today, not horrible just annoying, meetings, e-mails, being griped at, then having to schedule when I was leaving for the person picking me up, who then lost track time leaving me waiting in the cold. When I got home went to jump on the computer and ta-da! Freaking wifi is not working. Something I have no control over, hitting my laptop doesn’t help, nor does bouncing it on the bed.

Then I wonder if anyone realizes how much I hate my life here. How much I need to get out of here before I die. Probably not, and probably don’t care.


>Back to work

>all the snow we were supposed to get did not come, just cold temperatures. Now they (the weather fibbers) are saying Tuesday into Wednesday a snow storm. We shall see, it is my pass day so if there is snow it will not be a big problem for me.

Today was good to start, had a late start but made my train anyway, got to work, signed in went to bathroom everything was great. Got back from bathroom and my boss was in his office! He never gets in that early!

Now I am struggling through this mountain of work while trying to get rid of this headache.