>I am sitting in my car, sometime today I remembered that I had a charger for my phone that plugs into my car’s power outlet, so I am charging my phone. Without internet access this is the only way I can reach out to my friends. I am sure some are saying ‘What a whiney brat, why doesn’t she just shut up?’. Those people can just go read another blog, no don’t leave! I’ll be good, I promise.

Even though I can send e-mails to post, I haven’t been able to read anybody elses blogs (and this phone doesn’t have spell check). Em and I are going to the city tomorrow and I will be going to the library to use their computers, but they have a 45 minute limit on the computer and that is nowhere near long enough for what I want to do online.

Well I have to check Facebook, twitter and ditl, then I am turning my phone off so it can charge.