>Someone was telling me about her daughter’s first date and what a gentleman he was and all I could think was, or he’s a control freak, like my ex who before the relationship was over told me what color lipstick and nail polish to wear! Of course I didn’t say anything, because some men are gentlemen and nice to their girls just because they like it.

I went to my blog on my phone and it looked like I could edit my post, so I typed this big long thing about how I felt I was being stalked by Grace and that I had sent an e-mail to Melva about it and what Cookie said about her winning. I suppose I could just ignore her and go on like she is not there but it is hard! Anyway after I typed all that, it wouldn’t publish, so here I am again sending an e-mail.

The reason I felt I was being stalked is I went to post on Journal Challenge and she had posted there! I suppose she could have just found it because she does post to several threads. Anyway, what Cookie said is the if I quit posting, she wins. I don’t want to stop posting to Journal Challenge because it is helping me stay on track. I have lost a total of 4 pounds. Of course that might change by my official W.I. day, but for now I am HAPPY!

I ordered an epilator for M. She has been looking for one, but hasn’t been able to find one that says you can use it on your face. I got a Slim one at Target and saw in the brochure that this company makes an epilator ‘gentle enough to remove individual hair on the upper lip, chin’ so I ordered it. The company name is Emjoi. Check it out.