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New Font

I wonder why it didn’t work on the other one. HMM.

At first I thought I had gone up, but when I looked at my sheet, I saw I was the same. Considering yesterday I didn’t drink all my water, had a beer and cookie for dinner and ice cream cake for a snack, I consider staying the same a victory.

Mel threw down the gauntlet, Grace has declined to pick it up. Cookie thinks it is because Mel posted it last night and no one has read it. I think it is because Grace is chicken. Anyway, Mel has not answered my e-mail. I hope she is not mad at me for dropping the ball yesterday. I can be a real idiot sometimes. I hate to grovel but I feel like doing.

On a happier note, I got M’s tickets for Manhattan, one more week and a day before we go! I am so happy, but I need to wash clothes so my capris that I plan on wearing are clean. I asked M if she thought it would be warm enough to wear our short sleeved tops, she said, it might be cool in the evening and we might have to buy a sweater! I love the way she thinks.


Drove today. Part of the emergency drill, reported first to White Plains then to NYC. The car they gave me to drive had a non-working power source, what used to be called the cigarette lighter so my GPS didn’t charge, I didn’t notice until this morning so I had about a quarter of a charge on my GPS. It died about halfway to White Plains, well actually, I was almost there, but I was on a road I was unfamiliar with when it happened. Fortunately I found the Sawmill and know the way from there. Except out of habit I turned the wrong way on 119. I switched cars with my boss, since he knows the way from White Plains to NYC, I also followed him. I told him I didn’t want to lose him because I had left my CD in the car, HA HA!

The CD I took was one I just burned this morning, it has the two Frey albums and then a few other songs I added just to fill up space. I told Tigger I was listening to my, well actually your, music. He thought that was cool. I have caved again and bought Tigger candy, Altoids and Laffy Taffy and Now’N’Later. I don’t feel like getting up to look at the packages to see if I spelled them right. I also sold a book and haven’t packaged it yet. I also need to send an e-mail to the man who bought the CD player. I mailed it today, wrapped in bubble wrap, I hope “HOPE” it doesn’t break.

Blogger had this new feature where you can ‘subscribe’ to a blog and read it right in the dashboard. So I did that, and left my name so they will all know I am reading. I don’t know if any of them will read mine. I really don’t care

Grace majorly slammed Mel today, Cookie and I missed it. I did because I don’t really read the thread carefully during the day, since I am not supposed to be on it. I don’t think she is really mad at me. She posted a response calling her on it. I am glad, cause if I had done it, it would not have been worded so nicely.

Now I have to go get another book ready to mail. This is getting kind of fun now. See you tomorrow.