E-mail posting is working again, even the last one I sent is there, posted at the time I sent it. Today is allergy shot and I was hoping my book would be at the library so I could get it but it’s not. My movie is in though. Cookie reviewed ‘Grace is gone’ gave it 4 stars so I think I will borrow it again and try to watch it. I keep adding things to my siggy, pretty soon it will be longer than most of my e-mails.

I read a little in White Fang on my way home. I am not getting into it like The Call of the Wild. But it is still early. After my allergy shot and before I went to get Gwen I worked on the oral review and my talk. I have three questions I couldn’t research because the information was not on my computer, so I stopped working on them and started on my talk. I have a pretty good idea how to do it now. I will write it tomorrow or later tonight. I want to hook this up to my printer and print out my notes for the oral review first.

Firefox had an updated browser so I installed it, and it uninstalled my Google toolbar. When I got this started tonight I installed it and it is working fine. It even still has all the sites I bookmarked before. The browser tool bars have a new look to them. Not much more I can see.

I am going to go now. I am trying to type all this without looking at the keyboard. Gwen has to do it that way for her class, so I am going to work on it too.

Just checked my e-mail and someone bought the C.D. player. More money for Tigger, with no effort on his part.