I am sending this from my new e-mail address just for fun.

I sent an e-mail from my new g-mail, it didn’t post, so I must have to do something to approve it? I don’t remember.

why rnt my emails posting? I have been trying to send e-mails so I can post to my blog and it has not been working. I think something may be wrong with the website since none of the e-mails I sent are showing up. I will continue to send them since at least that way I can post my thoughts when I get home.

Just found out Stitch will not be home in time for me to go to Allsport, that ruined my mood, I will be fat forever. OK, maybe not FAT, but 20 pounds heavier than I should be, which in time will ruin my health and I will be cranky and hard to be around.

Some of the e-mails made it through. Just the last one didn’t, but I posted it here, so it is not lost. Maybe it will show up tonight. I don’t feel like sending a message to google, I will just keep trying and see what happens.