It is a time, he is staying up all night trying to write a song. Now that I have that figured out, I can go on to other important things. Like what is a terrazzo floor? I mean, I know that is the type of floor in GCT, because they have signs up saying they are fixing it, but what is it? And, does the gnat know that if he sits on the edge of my papers I can’t kill him, or does he just like the way they feel on his little bug feet? Those are the kind of things I want to know.


I saw a woman walking down the street, she was wearing head to toe pink, not just any pink, that lovely shade known as Pepto-Bismol pink (shudder). She was crossing the street next to the park, and I am serious about the head to toe, she had top and a skirt and the skirt went to her ankles, all pink. And did I tell you someone is feeding a dog at the Peekskill train station? It’s true, I saw someone doing it one day, and just this morning I saw the bowls in the gap in the fence. If I get the 6:44 home, I will take a pic for you.

I did not catch the 4:44. I don’t know why I said 6:44 this morning. I had to move my key rings, I was running out of space where they were. Right now I need to eat something and go to Allsport and get a key copied and then I will be back.

Home now and I sprayed my hair with that color stuff and it smells funny. Since this is the last day of the month it is the day I throw away my contacts and put new ones in in the morning. Tomorrow is also the day I start with my new planner for writing my food. It seems like a great idea to me. We will see if it works. Well I will be back tomorrow.