Didn’t go to work today, just not up to it. It poured here, thunder, lightning and hail. Stitch had my car and couldn’t come home because of the storm.

When M got home yesterday, the house was clean enough to satisfy her. Today I have done two loads of laundry for her.

Gwen and I played Rummikub too. I need to go to Allsport, I can’t remember the last time I went. I might be back later.

I am home now, in my room and it is cold. I feel like lying down with my book, but I am afraid I will fall asleep, I really need to log my food in the WW points tracker. Speaking of WW, my weight this morning was 137.6, 2 more pounds lost. M grilled burgers for dinner. She also sliced some tomatoes from her garden, they were very red! At this rate, I might be below 135 in another month. I am calculating the total from when I recommitted which includes a gain one week. I will be happy if I am 135 by next month. Yeah, keep saying that, I might believe it.

Em’s epilator came today, she had to charge it before she could use. I don’t know if she has yet, I will let you know when she lets me know. I told her about the one I saw at Target and didn’t get and she said she had seen one and thought it would be too big to use on your face, even though it said you could use it on your face. I had thought that also of the one I saw at Target, the one I got is prettier too. When I brought the box out, Tigger wanted to know what it was, Em said, “It’s my present, my new toy.” I hope it works well for her, maybe Gwen will use it too.