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Caitlin Rother asked me to read and review this book and provided me with a copy.

I have not been otherwise compensated for this review.

When Caitlin Rother contacted me about writing this review she said, “You’ve probably heard of this case.” And yes I had, because I follow Caitlin on Facebook. That was my only exposure to if before reading this book.

When looking at the book description my first thought was, “How could they come to a finding of suicide when she was gagged and tied up?” No spoilers here, it’s in the book description. “Somebody was paid off.” But as the book description states, there is so much more to this case. And Caitlin digs deep. She has several years experience as an investigative journalist and it shows. She explores every angle, goes after people for interviews and prepares well for those interviews to get to the truth. And what is the truth? Was it murder or suicide?

I’m not going to tell you what I think, you will have to read the book to form your own opinion, and you should read this book. Some may find the ending of this book unsatisfying, but it is what it is, the truth of the matter and not Caitlin Rother’s fault. This is truly a bizarre, mystifying and at times confusing case.

If you have read any of my other reviews, you know that I tend to write short reviews. The reason being I am not here to recap the story, just report if I think it is worth reading. Also, I tend to blaze through books and don’t take notes. If you are are a true crime fan that likes their books thoroughly researched and well written, I recommend this book. If you are looking for a book that ties everything up in a neat little bow, this is not the book for you. There are still many questions that we may never know the answer to, such is life sometimes. You will finish this book very well informed of the case and not bored.


Violence against women

The below link is to an article about a home invasion in Connecticut, the second man responsible was just convicted. In summary, two men followed a woman and her daughter home, when they invaded the home, they beat up the husband/dad (Dr. William Petit), tied the girls up, raped and strangled the wife/mom and sexually assaulted one of the daughters. Then they set fire to the house. The husband/dad escaped and managed to get to a neighbors house to call for help.

After the trial Dr. Petit was saying how this crime was indicative of the problem of violence against women, if he had two sons instead of daughters would this have happened. I kind of stopped listening at that point, my thought was, while it is doubtful your son would have been sexually molested, it is still very possible that if it had been his wife and son, they would have still been followed home, the two men would have still beaten Dr. Petit up, robbed them and killed his family.

The fact is, people don’t worry about boys like they worry about girls. Fact is, boys are vulnerable like girls. Look at Dalmer and Gacy, they murdered boys, Gacy raped and murdered lots of boys. People worry about me living alone in NYC, (except for Alex, who knows I have a baseball bat and know how to use it) even though I have two locks on my door that I always lock, I’m careful, I don’t take chances. Of course that could probably be said about Jennifer Hawke-Petit, who was living in Connecticut of all places, which probably caused her to lower her guard, not that anyone can truly prevent you from being victimized. Which is partially my point here, anyone can become the target of a psychopath, there is no way to prevent it.

The rest of my point is that Dr. Petit is entitled to his opinion, I have the utmost sympathy for him, but to me his comments speak more about the attitude in this country toward women, that women are not as good as men, they are helpless and can’t protect or take care of themselves. The thought that women must be polite, if a perfect stranger asks you where you live, you must of course answer him because not answering him would be rude. Not only are women though of as inferior, they are also set up to be victims. You tell someone where you live because you don’t want to be rude. Unless you are saying “F you a.” in response to a simple question you’re not being rude. Now if he continues to ask after you have told him you are uncomfortable giving out personal information you have my blessing to stick him in the ribs with a very sharp knife.

And that’s all, says she.

Joshua Komisarjevsky Guilty in Connecticut Home Invasion Case