from angry about him not giving me the books, to hurt that he wouldn’t give me MY books, to acceptance/indifference/apathy (yes I am aware that indifference and apathy are the same thing, but there are nuances of difference in the two, don’t make me get out my dictionary). When he told me this morning where the books were I told him I didn’t want them anymore. He said he was sorry but I’m not sure he really got it. That it was never about the books, it was about the lack of respect for me and whats mine.

Of course, I can’t demand respect, it has to be earned, and I thought I had, I guess not, I guess I am not clever enough for him to respect me. Good thing that I am not going to be living there forever. I can’t wait to leave.

That is another thing, this business with Gov. Dave (quite possibly the stupidest governor in the history of NYS) has me thinking that my plans to move out will be pushed back indefinitely and that has me annoyed. The worst part is the not knowing, not knowing what is going to happen. Some people say it is not going to happen, but I worry, its my life you know, he is messing with my life.