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>Just another manic Monday

>Wait, what, it’s Thursday? Oh bother.

I knew that, I’m just sitting here with no earthly idea what to say and hoping inspiration will hit. Preferably with a sledge hammer. But its not happening. Nope not at all. So you may have to weed through a page of drivel. This year I had every intention of posting every day. I was going to have a nice blog post so my devoted readers could read everything I was doing. When I fell behind, I recommitted to twice a day to catch up. I think I am well past that and will not be able to reach my goal of 365 posts in 2010. Mainly because I seem to have lost the ability to take a thought and expand it into a coherent blog post.

Maybe I should rephrase that, I get thoughts, and I roll them around in my head and think, I should blog that, then when I eventually get to my computer or phone e-mail I have forgotten everything I wanted to say.

Of course there are also the things that happen (like right now I am dealing with family stuff) that I don’t want out there on the internet, some things that involve other people so I don’t really want to publicize the either. The family stuff with probably show up here eventually, and the other things to, but after they are resolved. I am kind of like that.

So it’s just a dry spell, I should be back soon, maybe with 3 posts a day.



>A while back I was walking around the city (yes I know I do that a lot), I was wearing my Sketchers with no socks. Which how is I normally wear them. But this day I was wearing cropped pants and I could see my legs going down and ending up in the shoes. I kept thinking, “My shoes look huge, HUGE!”

However, if I took those same shoes and put them next to Fred’s or Tigger’s or shoot even Gwen’s, they would look tiny, wee little shoes. Perspective.

I was thinking of this yesterday as I walked to the subway, I had previously had a conversation on Twitter about age, this was after there was a bunch of talk about Moyer being so old. What I was thinking was, how to say I am almost 30 (or whatever milestone your are approaching) sounds older then saying I’m 30. I don’t know why, it just does. Perspective.

>I am very grateful that with all my broken promises to come every week that I am allowed to participate in PFF. This is another postcard purchased on a trip. And with this postcard I am going to tell you about a hoax, a conspiracy of immense proportions, as big as, well as big as Vermmont! In fact it covers the whole state of Vermont.

This is a moose. You thought I was going to say this isn’t a real moose didn’t you? Well the hoax is not do moose exist, the hoax is where do they live? The state of Vermont would like you to believe that there are moose in Vermont. Why? Because of tourists! People come to Vermont from all over to see moose, I mean what else is there? Teddy Bear Factory? Ben & Jerry’s? While both are nice, neither has the appeal of a huge animal that could crush you as soon as look at you.

So the state of Vermont has perpetuated this myth that there are moose in Vermont. Its a lie, there are no moose in Vermont. None whatsoever. People who say otherwise are (a) on the state’s payroll or (b) deluded or (c) both.

Now you may ask, and rightfully so, how do I know this? I’ve been to Vermont and I’ve never seen a moose. And I’ve looked, every time I went I looked. No moose.

You don’t have to thank me for this public service, I am happy to do it for my readers. You are that important to me. If you want to help pay for the gas I used driving up and down Vermont, my paypal e-mail is ….

That is all. Thank you.

For more postcard fun, visit Beth at
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>A very bad thing happened

>This girl, a senior, (the boys know who she is, but not really friends) was driving her car and a boy (the boys also know knew him) on a bike hit her car and was killed. Of course she feels guilty, of course some people are giving her sh*t about it. The boys said, “It was an accident, nobody’s fault.” But people need to blame someone, and no one speaks ill of the dead. Em told me the boy ran a stop sign, ran a stop sign and turned a corner and BAM. So in reality it was his fault, still an accident. Just bothers me, this poor girl who feels guilty (how I know I’ll explain in a minute) is getting hate text and hate messages. One person was standing next to Fred and made a comment to the effect that the girl acted intentionally. Fred let him know how he felt, he didn’t get in trouble. Guess everyone agreed with Fred.

Em and I were going to the mall, I hadn’t been driving that long, and I was driving along the road about 40, up ahead this boy was on a bicycle having trouble controlling it, I think he was smoking, Em said something and I said, “yes I see him.” Took my foot off the gas, and his bike tire hit the edge of the road, the bike flipped and he landed in the middle of the road. I stood on the brake, hit his bike which flipped over and hit him, knocking him down. He wasn’t hurt, his bike wasn’t damaged, everyone was fine. I felt guilty, I saw his face looking at my car and saw him start to scramble away and then the bike hit him knocking him down. I.felt.guilty. I still remember his face, not so much the features, but the expression, “O.M.G. I’m going to be hit by a car!” I was that close, and I FELT GUILTY.

>I saw a deer

>Day 3 of Weight Watchers, and it is harder then I remember. Either that or I just have gotten used to eating whatever I want, which of course is why I gained 25 pounds. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to start listing what I ate here, I do that on Facebook. Right now I am not really changing what I am eating, just cutting out the junk. Now I am the ‘if I eat it I have to count it’ and when I look at how many points is in a bag of chips …. I weighed myself and I am up a pound from Saturday. No, I don’t think I have gained, it was the end of the day and Saturday I weighed in the morning.

The plan was also to get back to Allsport, except when I got home my car was not here. So instead I went for a walk. Gwen went with me, we walked to Ron’s then home. On the way home, walking past the park I looked up on the grass and a deer was standing there watching us. I stopped Gwen and pointed she looked up at the deer and I gave it a little wave, when I did that it flipped its tail at me. No I am not kidding, making this up or delusional. I was getting my phone out to take a picture when it really started waving its tail around and I knew it was gonna run away, and it did.

This is not the first time I have seen deer in this park, once before I saw a whole family. The really amazing thing? This park is in the middle of town.

>Two things of note from yesterday

>I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting. I have finally realized that I can’t do it on my own or do it online. So I have taken the plunge and paid for the monthly pass and I will lose these 25 pounds. So that’s it. And since I write everything about my life on here, I will of course keep you updated.

After the meeting Em and I went to the Yankee game, they won and then we went to Manhattan, walked through Central Park and Madison to GCT. Stopped at Bolton’s and Sephora, I bought eye shadow and didn’t check the color so I got the wrong color. Don’t know if I can return it, but I’m going to try. Then Annie Moore’s for dinner and then home.

A very good day.

>Could this day get any worse?

>Never say that, never, never, never. Because as soon as you do, …..

Missed my train this morning, I was rather annoyed at the people in front of me that wouldn’t get out of my way. I mean I was trying my hardest to move them with my mind …. I don’t vocalize well at 6:18 a.m. Then I got a seat to myself, so I was happy, turned on my phone and computer (I don’t plan on doing this everyday just trying it out), I can always tell when we get to Westchester County, the connection gets wonky. I wasn’t worried about the phone losing power because I had my cord to charge it and planned on plugging it in to charge when I got to work.

When I got to work however, I didn’t have my cord. No biggie. Just change the battery when the phone dies, yes you probably already know, no battery in my bag. So there I was with a dead phone, so I went to the Verizon store and bought a charger (who knew a Blackberry charger would work with a Palm Pre Plus? Not me.) But I was still feeling kind of stressed, so I went to get some steamed dumplings, Chinese restaurant closed. I went to the deli to get lunch and as I was walking back I thought, “Could this day get any worse?”

Like I said never, never, never, say.that.

>Blogging from the train, but not from my phone

>Yes I am blogging with my laptop, I am not on my phone, but I am using my phone’s hotspot. I checked my service provider and I don’t think I have to pay, if I get a bill for $3,000 I will scream so loud you will probably hear me.

Now that I have said that, I don’t know what else to say. I was so excited to be able to go online on the train that everything else that has happened fades to insignificance. I won’t be able to stay on long, phone battery charge and all. But I will at least be able to do a quick little post so everyone knows about my new little toy. Which I already told you about, but I am finding new reasons to love it.

>Just made it

>I have been trrying to get back to my regular, or maybe I should say, the time I’m supposed to be on the train. Today was a good day to start since today is payday, so I draged myself out of bed, a little later then I wanted and then my contacts wouldn’t co-operate. The left one, even after I took it out is still bothering me. When we left the house with less then 10 minutes to get there I was sure I wouldn’t make it.

Driving to the train station, I resisted the urge to push the issue and fly through town like a crazy woman. When I got to the train station the train wasn’t there. I took that as a good sign. It pulled in as I was coming up the stairs.

Stitch and I want to know who cancelled summer. It was 40⁰F (4⁰C) this a.m. Are you f*cking kidding me?! I have my jacket on and not just because I forgot to wear a bra.

— Sent from my Palm Pre

>Gov Dave is an idiot

>Medicare Part B Reimbursement and Health Insurance Under Attack:In his current (June 4, 2010) Fiscal Year 2010-11 Budget Extender bill, Governor Paterson has decided to force State employees and retirees to share in the cost of reimbursing Medicare eligibles for their Part B premium. The extender bill calls for this to be accomplished by adding the cost of Medicare Part B reimbursement to the cost of health insurance coverage provided through the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP). The total costs will then be shared by the State and its employees and retirees enrolled in NYSHIP. State employees retiring on or after January 1, 1983 contribute 10% of the cost of individual health coverage and 25% of dependent coverage. Both active and retired State employees will be forced to pay increased insurance costs, because of this unilateral change by the Governor.

For over forty-four years, the law, rules and regulations have been rigorously implemented. The statutory language and the legislative intent on this very issue is and has been quite clear. When in 2005 Governor Pataki tried to gut Civil Service Law Section 167-a, Reimbursement for medicare premium charges, the courts (in 2006) reaffirmed existing law, the legislative intent behind it and the implementing rules and regulations.

Take action now (use our ACTION LINE ( )service) and urge the Governor to re-think this latest attack on your benefits as a State employee. And contact your legislator too, again using our ACTION LINE ( )service, to fight this assault on both active and retired State employees. We will post updates on this issue here as developments warrant.