>Never say that, never, never, never. Because as soon as you do, …..

Missed my train this morning, I was rather annoyed at the people in front of me that wouldn’t get out of my way. I mean I was trying my hardest to move them with my mind …. I don’t vocalize well at 6:18 a.m. Then I got a seat to myself, so I was happy, turned on my phone and computer (I don’t plan on doing this everyday just trying it out), I can always tell when we get to Westchester County, the connection gets wonky. I wasn’t worried about the phone losing power because I had my cord to charge it and planned on plugging it in to charge when I got to work.

When I got to work however, I didn’t have my cord. No biggie. Just change the battery when the phone dies, yes you probably already know, no battery in my bag. So there I was with a dead phone, so I went to the Verizon store and bought a charger (who knew a Blackberry charger would work with a Palm Pre Plus? Not me.) But I was still feeling kind of stressed, so I went to get some steamed dumplings, Chinese restaurant closed. I went to the deli to get lunch and as I was walking back I thought, “Could this day get any worse?”

Like I said never, never, never, say.that.