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>A while back I was walking around the city (yes I know I do that a lot), I was wearing my Sketchers with no socks. Which how is I normally wear them. But this day I was wearing cropped pants and I could see my legs going down and ending up in the shoes. I kept thinking, “My shoes look huge, HUGE!”

However, if I took those same shoes and put them next to Fred’s or Tigger’s or shoot even Gwen’s, they would look tiny, wee little shoes. Perspective.

I was thinking of this yesterday as I walked to the subway, I had previously had a conversation on Twitter about age, this was after there was a bunch of talk about Moyer being so old. What I was thinking was, how to say I am almost 30 (or whatever milestone your are approaching) sounds older then saying I’m 30. I don’t know why, it just does. Perspective.


>I am very grateful that with all my broken promises to come every week that I am allowed to participate in PFF. This is another postcard purchased on a trip. And with this postcard I am going to tell you about a hoax, a conspiracy of immense proportions, as big as, well as big as Vermmont! In fact it covers the whole state of Vermont.

This is a moose. You thought I was going to say this isn’t a real moose didn’t you? Well the hoax is not do moose exist, the hoax is where do they live? The state of Vermont would like you to believe that there are moose in Vermont. Why? Because of tourists! People come to Vermont from all over to see moose, I mean what else is there? Teddy Bear Factory? Ben & Jerry’s? While both are nice, neither has the appeal of a huge animal that could crush you as soon as look at you.

So the state of Vermont has perpetuated this myth that there are moose in Vermont. Its a lie, there are no moose in Vermont. None whatsoever. People who say otherwise are (a) on the state’s payroll or (b) deluded or (c) both.

Now you may ask, and rightfully so, how do I know this? I’ve been to Vermont and I’ve never seen a moose. And I’ve looked, every time I went I looked. No moose.

You don’t have to thank me for this public service, I am happy to do it for my readers. You are that important to me. If you want to help pay for the gas I used driving up and down Vermont, my paypal e-mail is ….

That is all. Thank you.

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