>A while back I was walking around the city (yes I know I do that a lot), I was wearing my Sketchers with no socks. Which how is I normally wear them. But this day I was wearing cropped pants and I could see my legs going down and ending up in the shoes. I kept thinking, “My shoes look huge, HUGE!”

However, if I took those same shoes and put them next to Fred’s or Tigger’s or shoot even Gwen’s, they would look tiny, wee little shoes. Perspective.

I was thinking of this yesterday as I walked to the subway, I had previously had a conversation on Twitter about age, this was after there was a bunch of talk about Moyer being so old. What I was thinking was, how to say I am almost 30 (or whatever milestone your are approaching) sounds older then saying I’m 30. I don’t know why, it just does. Perspective.