>Wait, what, it’s Thursday? Oh bother.

I knew that, I’m just sitting here with no earthly idea what to say and hoping inspiration will hit. Preferably with a sledge hammer. But its not happening. Nope not at all. So you may have to weed through a page of drivel. This year I had every intention of posting every day. I was going to have a nice blog post so my devoted readers could read everything I was doing. When I fell behind, I recommitted to twice a day to catch up. I think I am well past that and will not be able to reach my goal of 365 posts in 2010. Mainly because I seem to have lost the ability to take a thought and expand it into a coherent blog post.

Maybe I should rephrase that, I get thoughts, and I roll them around in my head and think, I should blog that, then when I eventually get to my computer or phone e-mail I have forgotten everything I wanted to say.

Of course there are also the things that happen (like right now I am dealing with family stuff) that I don’t want out there on the internet, some things that involve other people so I don’t really want to publicize the either. The family stuff with probably show up here eventually, and the other things to, but after they are resolved. I am kind of like that.

So it’s just a dry spell, I should be back soon, maybe with 3 posts a day.