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>More from Vermont. This postcard is from the Teddy Bear Factory, maker of the best teddy bear in the world. Or at least that is what they say. This does exist, I have been there, I took a tour, I even have a teddy bear or rather a teddy dinosaur from there. Its purple, my best friend bought it for me, she knows I am mad for purple. You thought I was going to say I have a Passion for purple didn’t you? Looks like I just did.

When you tour the teddy bear factory they give you a button, then a piece of ‘bear fur’ cut in the shape of a teddy bear. It is nice, except you end up with bear fur sheddings all over your clothes. But its the Teddy Bear Factory so just deal with it O.K.?

When we went there they were selling an “Alien Bear”, it was a bear with a zipper in it, and when you unzipped it, inside was a little green alien.

Our next stop on the tour of Vermont is Ben & Jerry’s, can’t wait can you?

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>Tuesday it rained. It didn’t start out raining or I would have taken my rain coat and worn my rubber boots. It started after I found out George died. Some people attach significance to that, I don’t. I went to lunch, I was feeling a little sad and it was pouring, all I had to protect myself was my ball cap and a sweat jacket. My shoes got soaked, my jacket got soaked, my top, jeans, in a word, everything.

Wednesday I was off, so I left my shoes in my room, hung up my sweat-jacket, which was still dripping wet, so things could dry. When I went to put my shoes on Thursday, they were still wet. I suppose the fact that they slid under my dresser didn’t help. So I wore my flip flops to work. Today I didn’t even try to put my shoes on, I just looked at them and they look like they are still wet.

Tomorrow Gwen and I are going to the Yankee game so I really hope they are dry then. I am wearing my black dress and I want to match.

>I really need to

>remember to check my alarm at night, or whenever it is I go to bed. That way I wouldn’t end up doing what I am doing right now. Waiting for the 7:05 train instead of the 6:18.

I was thinking there weren’t very many people waiting for the train, then a bunch of people walked up on the platform, bus or ferry must have got here, maybe both cause now the platform is crowded. I should move over to my spot, but I don’t want to leave the shade.

Today is going to be another hot day, severe weather extreme heat. Train is coming, bye for now

— Sent from my Palm Pre

>So hot, so very very hot

>Went to see my dermatologist today, she was very happy with how my face looked, no red flare ups even with the heat. By the time I walked to work however, my face was so red you would have thought it was a sunburn, I was a little worried my sunscreen had stopped working. It hadn’t, it was just heat flush.

When I left work, I walked across the parking lot, down the block and across the street. I had to wait for traffic, and I put my hand on my head. My hair was so hot, it was almost to hot to touch. I looked across at the temperature about the State Farm office. 105⁰F, 40⁰C. I don’t remember ever being in temperature that hot, the sun was so hot it felt like it was burning my skin through my clothes.

Fortunately, since my bedroom is in the basement and the lights were off all day, it is relatively cool in there. I shouldn’t have any trouble sleeping tonight.

>My new tattoo


This is not a very good picture Logan took it with my phone right after he was done. It already looks much better. It’ll look absolutely fabulous when it is completely healed.

After the tattoo appointment I was walking around looking for a place to eat, I ended up at this bar and grill in the East Village. I sent a text to a friend, “I am eating in a place recommended by a homeless person.” She replied, “Hey, you never know.” The place did have a minus about it from the start, no baseball game, just World Cup. Soccer fans are loud. Then while I was eating I kept hearing this buzzing noise, like a bunch of bees. Vuvuzelas!

The burger was o.k., just a burger and I missed the game, but by the time I got there it was almost over anyway.

>Saturday weigh in

>I didn’t report last weeks weight because I was up, which upset me. Not that I wasn’t expecting it, I was actually expecting it to be more, just upset at how I ate to cause the up. But I was -1.6 pounds this week for a grand total of -3.2 pounds and I am now below 140 yay! Happiness.

Now I am heading down to NYC get my tattoo. I am very nervous, I always get this way before a tattoo. Start wondering if I should really be doing this … I have no regrets, yet.

— Sent from my Palm Pre