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Hard at work

The transfer from Blogger to WordPress is almost done. I spent most of this evening copying my blog roll from my old blog to here. It involved clicking on each link, copying the title and url, and then pasting them in my link list here. If you scroll down to the bottom you can see them, I am quite proud of myself. As I was doing it, I noticed a couple of people that had moved their blogs, they had just left the old ones and started new ones. No transferring of posts or any of the shit I’m going through. But then, I am a tiny bit obsessed. Just a little.

There are some things that don’t work on WordPress, and I will just have to learn to live without them. All that is left is the list of websites and I haven’t decided if I am going to add them to the links list at the bottom, or make a page and put them on it. So many decisions.

The tiny picture in the header of the blog is my hummingbird tattoo. It was taken right after I had it done so my skin is red and irritated. I am still thinking about what my next tattoo is going to be.

>My new tattoo


This is not a very good picture Logan took it with my phone right after he was done. It already looks much better. It’ll look absolutely fabulous when it is completely healed.

After the tattoo appointment I was walking around looking for a place to eat, I ended up at this bar and grill in the East Village. I sent a text to a friend, “I am eating in a place recommended by a homeless person.” She replied, “Hey, you never know.” The place did have a minus about it from the start, no baseball game, just World Cup. Soccer fans are loud. Then while I was eating I kept hearing this buzzing noise, like a bunch of bees. Vuvuzelas!

The burger was o.k., just a burger and I missed the game, but by the time I got there it was almost over anyway.

>Wouldn’t you know

>that as soon as I sent that e-mail post I would remember what I had wanted to say. So here goes, this morning I saw a weird thing at GCT.

There was this man with either a design shaved into his hair or a tattoo on the back of his head, and it was a skull! So he had eyes and nose and creepy teeth looking at you while he walked away from you.
I was trying to find a skull picture to post here, but they were all too creepy, well there was this really cool purple one, but I wasn’t able to copy it.

>Thursday, Friday and beyond

>Thursday and Friday were regular work days. Friday was Em’s last day at the High school, something she is not happy about and is now looking for another job. Friday was the first game in Yankees/Red Sox series, which the Yankees won and which game I watched. Gwen even came down to watch it, until she got tired and went to bed.
Fri, 9/25 ~ Yankees vs Red Sox ~ W 9-5 98-56

Saturday Em went to volunteer at the Diabetes Expo at the Javits Center. “It’s a trade show. It’s an interactive health fair. It’s one-stop shopping for everything related to diabetes and healthy living. ADA Diabetes EXPO provides the most comprehensive array of diabetes-related products, services and information available under one roof. An ADA Diabetes EXPO is for people with diabetes, those at risk for diabetes and anyone interested in healthy living.”

I went down to meet her, her jewelry was in and she was going down to get it installed. I also wanted to check on something, after finding out what was involved and how much I decided to go for it too. I think you can tell from the picture what it is. After we went back up to grab some dinner and the game was on. So we stayed until it was over even though it meant we had to order dessert (well we didn’t really HAVE to), at one point some people clapped and I gave a little scream and now we had won two games.
Sat, 9/26 ~ Yankees vs Red Sox ~ W 3-0 ~ 99-56

Today I had to go to church so I couldn’t watch it. I had it on in the car and when I got to church, the Red Sox were ahead 2 to 1. After church I checked my phone and the score at the end of the 6th inning was Red Sox 2, Yankees 3. I listened on the way home and got to hear, “THE-E-E-E YANKEES WIN” right before we got home, so I was able to come inside and watch the post game. The final score was:
Sun, 9/27 ~ Yankees vs. Red Sox ~ W 4-2 ~ 100-56

Don’t think I need to add anymore.