>Tuesday it rained. It didn’t start out raining or I would have taken my rain coat and worn my rubber boots. It started after I found out George died. Some people attach significance to that, I don’t. I went to lunch, I was feeling a little sad and it was pouring, all I had to protect myself was my ball cap and a sweat jacket. My shoes got soaked, my jacket got soaked, my top, jeans, in a word, everything.

Wednesday I was off, so I left my shoes in my room, hung up my sweat-jacket, which was still dripping wet, so things could dry. When I went to put my shoes on Thursday, they were still wet. I suppose the fact that they slid under my dresser didn’t help. So I wore my flip flops to work. Today I didn’t even try to put my shoes on, I just looked at them and they look like they are still wet.

Tomorrow Gwen and I are going to the Yankee game so I really hope they are dry then. I am wearing my black dress and I want to match.