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>More from Vermont. This postcard is from the Teddy Bear Factory, maker of the best teddy bear in the world. Or at least that is what they say. This does exist, I have been there, I took a tour, I even have a teddy bear or rather a teddy dinosaur from there. Its purple, my best friend bought it for me, she knows I am mad for purple. You thought I was going to say I have a Passion for purple didn’t you? Looks like I just did.

When you tour the teddy bear factory they give you a button, then a piece of ‘bear fur’ cut in the shape of a teddy bear. It is nice, except you end up with bear fur sheddings all over your clothes. But its the Teddy Bear Factory so just deal with it O.K.?

When we went there they were selling an “Alien Bear”, it was a bear with a zipper in it, and when you unzipped it, inside was a little green alien.

Our next stop on the tour of Vermont is Ben & Jerry’s, can’t wait can you?

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>Tuesday it rained. It didn’t start out raining or I would have taken my rain coat and worn my rubber boots. It started after I found out George died. Some people attach significance to that, I don’t. I went to lunch, I was feeling a little sad and it was pouring, all I had to protect myself was my ball cap and a sweat jacket. My shoes got soaked, my jacket got soaked, my top, jeans, in a word, everything.

Wednesday I was off, so I left my shoes in my room, hung up my sweat-jacket, which was still dripping wet, so things could dry. When I went to put my shoes on Thursday, they were still wet. I suppose the fact that they slid under my dresser didn’t help. So I wore my flip flops to work. Today I didn’t even try to put my shoes on, I just looked at them and they look like they are still wet.

Tomorrow Gwen and I are going to the Yankee game so I really hope they are dry then. I am wearing my black dress and I want to match.