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>You are all probably bored with my posts about Saturday in Manhattan, this post is about a FRIDAY in Manhattan. Which actually started on Thursday and cost me an extra night cause D made the reservation for the wrong night. I was seriously pissed, not just at him but at me for not checking the date when I got the confirmation e-mail.

Friday morning we got up early and went to the Today show. We had fan passes so we were able to get up close. Doesn’t help much when everyone is taller then you, blah! I did manage to get close enough to get my pass signed by Ryan for Em. She is so happy now. Afterward we walked around trying to figure out where to go for lunch. Fred needed new earbuds so we went to the Apple store, and by the time I thought of coming on here to blog, Em was saying, we’re leaving. So I typed the title and saved it, then ended up deleting it when I didn’t get here until today.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get my nail appointment moved so I had to kill some time. I thought about going to a movie, but the theater I found wasn’t playing anything I wanted to see. So I went to The Strand and bought a couple books. Then after my nail appointment I came home. And now I have blisters all over my toes.


>Hello there

>Another day on the train headed to work, with a visit to the dr first. Then I have to buy a top, on my way across the parking lot I realized my top doesn’t match my pants. I also need some low rise pants like Em got Saturday. I realized that yesterday when I kept having to roll down the waistband of my pants.

That is not the only thing I had go wrong, Stitch has changed his mind about driving me to the train station so I have been driving and parking and I never got a current parking permit. So now I am wondering what to do, I don’t want to cancel my permit it I have to drive and park. On the other hand, I feel like I am wasting money paying for a parking permit when I’m getting dropped off when they are in school. *sigh*

Also, I forgot to charge my iPod, so soon I will not have music. Well on my phone, but I only have the one Red Hot Chili Pepper album on my phone.

Now for the rant, I hate it when people think that they don’t need their headlights on in the morning, yes I know it is light out, but until the sun comes up, you need your headlights on.
Well, I think that’s all.

— Sent from my Palm Pre

— Sent from my Palm Pre


>Em had her nail appointment and I made a appointment for a pedicure, the color is off, it is more lavender then that. Getting a pedicure meant I wore my sandals which means my feet were hurting. I wanted to get some different ones from Crocs. I knew they would rub my feet but I had bandaids with me and I figured it would be easier to put them on the top of my feet then on the bottom, which is where they have to go with my red sandals, not only they, they clashed with the nail polish I picked out.

We had lunch, I don’t remember the name, which is unfortunate, since I don’t want to eat there again and not knowing the name, it could happen. Then Em started feeling ill and wanted to come home. We walked through the park a couple times. Then came home, on the way back to GCT we stopped at a store (again I can’t remember the name) where she found clothes she has been looking for at a good price.

We got home in time to watch the game, but my feet really hurt now.

>Sorry I have been away, my only excuse is its baseball season (big grin).

We have left the great Pacific Northwest and are back to my part of the country. A few years back, for a couple summers in a row, my best friend and I took vacation in Vermont, while there I picked up some postcards. Here’s one.

The Hammond Covered Bridge built in 1843,
spans the Otter Creek by the Pittsford -Florence Road in Pittsford, Vermont.

For more postcard fun, visit Beth at
The Best Hearts Are Crunchy

>On the train this morning

>I was wondering if I should read my book or send a blog post e-mail. The next minute I looked out the window and we were in the city. Sigh.

It’s a shame really cause I had a good thought and the wording I was going to use was clever and now … Sigh.

So hows your day so far?

— Sent from my Palm Pre

>I am so tired

>and need my sleep. I have been having some late nights and really need to sleep now. But first I have to eat, but have nothing down here to eat. SIGH

>I hate garbage trucks.

>I realize they perform a vital service. That without them we would be buried in garbage or have to take our garbage to the dump ourselves. Imagine how much of a hassel that would be, especially for serial killers and mass murderers when asked what kind of garbage they are bringing, how would you classify bodies or body parts? Where was I?

Oh yes, I hate garbage trucks. Do they have to perform this vital service when I am driving to the train station? I come around the corner and there it is in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. Then it turns left, same direction as I do, but it turns right, off the main road so I can go on to the train station as normal.

Since I caught the train, you may wonder why I am ranting about this. It was a disruption in my routine. Which I don’t like.

— Sent from my Palm Pre

>So Happy It’s Thursday

>Yes, I said it. I went into work today, my throat still sore, Tigger thinks he gave to me, sorry kiddo, it’s my allergies. I actually made the early train, got to the bank before work, and the boss wasn’t there, well not until noon at least. I went to lunch, came home and he was in.

Even though I wasn’t sick, the allergy sore throat wore me down. I didn’t get much done and besides I was tired. So very very tired. So tired I don’t even feel like doing the PFF, hopefully I will feel up to it tomorrow.

>Home sick

>Stayed home sick today. Woke up with a sore throat. I know some don’t think that is true, since there was a Yankee day game, probably if there hadn’t been I might have dragged myself out of bed. But my throat really is sore. Still sore, I probably should be sleeping instead of here. But I have one more thing to do then I can sleep.


>Governor Dave’s big idea to ‘help the taxpayers’ proves that he is an idiot and a thug. By putting furloughs in emergency bill he essentially twisted the arm of the legislature. The fact that the legislature is a bunch of spineless fools made it easy for him.

Apparently the Governor has forgotten that every one of the employees he is maligning and calling selfish are taxpayers. Yes Dave, we pay taxes, we spend money in the state of New York, we are a vital part of the state’s economy. In your single minded drive to bust the unions (which is what it looks like to me) you are shooting the state of New York in the foot. How does this help? Lower wages mean less taxes collected and less money spent in New York State. It also lowers the morale of state workers as we sit around and read depressing e-mails and wonder what are we going to do with a cut of 20% in our income. Not that morale was very high before this our agency already having been gutted.

And when people call complaining about lack of services? Well that won’t affect you, sitting in your mansion with your new Turkish rug (yes I am still pissed about that). That is the benefit of being an idiot and a thug, you can remove yourself from the chaos while others suffer.