>Em had her nail appointment and I made a appointment for a pedicure, the color is off, it is more lavender then that. Getting a pedicure meant I wore my sandals which means my feet were hurting. I wanted to get some different ones from Crocs. I knew they would rub my feet but I had bandaids with me and I figured it would be easier to put them on the top of my feet then on the bottom, which is where they have to go with my red sandals, not only they, they clashed with the nail polish I picked out.

We had lunch, I don’t remember the name, which is unfortunate, since I don’t want to eat there again and not knowing the name, it could happen. Then Em started feeling ill and wanted to come home. We walked through the park a couple times. Then came home, on the way back to GCT we stopped at a store (again I can’t remember the name) where she found clothes she has been looking for at a good price.

We got home in time to watch the game, but my feet really hurt now.