Archive for May 3, 2010

>Missed the deadline

>I meant to get back here before midnight to do another quick post but I forgot. Now I have to go to bed.

What I wanted to post was that D and the kids gave Em her anniversary present, an iPad. It was a surprise (wink). I wasn’t the one that gave it away, I will have to ask her later if she knew what was in the box, I haven’t had a chance to talk to her without anyone around. If she did know, she put on a wonderful act and D and the kids are so proud of themselves.


>Thought I was o.k. this morning, I mean I didn’t catch the early train, but I caught the next one. Then  I realized I had forgotten my hair clips, then I realized I had forgotten my power cord for my phone. So I had to limit my phone use and even then it was dead when I got home. I love my Palm, but it eats up the battery power.

Gotta go hit the showers now.