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>Tomorrow in Manhattan


I have a meeting to go to tomorrow, my former boss Gary (not his real name), will be there. I am NOT coming back to the office.

The only potential snag is my current boss may tell me I have to come back, pfft is what I say to that, and to him. Unfortunately, someone from my office is coming with me. He will be told, I have some things to take care of, what I won’t tell him is what it is I am taking care of.

D should be home tomorrow, which shouldn’t affect my ‘business’ in Manhattan. I hope to scan my postcard tomorrow for Friday’s post. See you later.


>D’s surgery was Tuesday, just in case you didn’t notice the time on my last post. Today is my regular day off/pass day. So I got to sit here and watch the Yankees game (day game), I missed the first hour or so cause I had to go to the store so I missed a couple home runs.

Em came home to get Tigger to take him up to DCC to register then I think they are going up to see D. Em says he is really not feeling well and not looking well. His sugar was up so he is being kept for another night. So not good but I guess better in the long run.

Now I have to go off and see about dinner.

>Surgery done

>D had his surgery today. Em took him up to the hospital, she told me his scheduled time was 12:30 p.m. She also told me, “The kids still think I didn’t know.” I can keep a secret from everyone but her.

Later she sent me a text saying his surgery had been pushed back 2 hours. He didn’t get to his room, after surgery until around 8:00. He might not be coming home tomorrow. It doesn’t matter I am still off tomorrow.

Not much else to say, late and I need to sleep. Catch you later.