>You are all probably bored with my posts about Saturday in Manhattan, this post is about a FRIDAY in Manhattan. Which actually started on Thursday and cost me an extra night cause D made the reservation for the wrong night. I was seriously pissed, not just at him but at me for not checking the date when I got the confirmation e-mail.

Friday morning we got up early and went to the Today show. We had fan passes so we were able to get up close. Doesn’t help much when everyone is taller then you, blah! I did manage to get close enough to get my pass signed by Ryan for Em. She is so happy now. Afterward we walked around trying to figure out where to go for lunch. Fred needed new earbuds so we went to the Apple store, and by the time I thought of coming on here to blog, Em was saying, we’re leaving. So I typed the title and saved it, then ended up deleting it when I didn’t get here until today.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get my nail appointment moved so I had to kill some time. I thought about going to a movie, but the theater I found wasn’t playing anything I wanted to see. So I went to The Strand and bought a couple books. Then after my nail appointment I came home. And now I have blisters all over my toes.