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>Postcard Friendship Friday #9

>The last of the northwest postcards. Correction, the last of the postcards that I purchased while visiting. There are some I have (somewhere) that my mom sent me. I will dig those out later, I hope I don’t run out of postcards, this is fun. Maybe I will start taking pictures of the post offices in New York City. That’s a thought.

 Ft. Worden was the shooting location for the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman”. Other Port Townsend locales were also used.
© Photo by John Kaiser

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>Time for bed

>So I really shouldn’t be sitting here on my computer, but I will not be here tomorrow. Work, then my nails, then the game. Em and I have tickets for the NYY vs. CWS at Yankee Stadium. That is kind of a DUH moment, since where else would we go to watch the Yankees?

I am also trying to catch up with my blogging posts. I have to blog every day, actually twice a day right now to match what I blogged last year. It is just an obsession with me to keep up. I don’t know why I feel like this, especially when I should be getting my bag ready for my long day so I will say good-night. I have my postcard post ready and it will post tomorrow, and then I will have to link it up later.

>Another punch buggy

>Yes I caught the early train two days in a row. I am so happy, well maybe happy is not quite the word for it. But I can’t think of a better one.

Been eating skittles. Lots of skittles, too many, I now have a sore tongue. So I sent a text to Gwen telling her where to find the ones I didn’t eat from the big bag at home. I think I will eat this one little bag and then stay away from them for a while.

And once again I can’t think of what to say, so I will have to talk to you later.

— Sent from my Palm Pre

>Early morning punchbuggypurple

>I thought that was a better title then simply saying ‘success’. I caught the early morning train, am wearing my new earring (well, kind of have to, but the fact I was able to get one yesterday rocks) and my very annoying coworker is on vacation so I am not having to listen to his annoying mouth. That gets the day off to a good start, which I needed when I started reading my e-mails about wage freeze, furloughs and lay-offs. 

When I left the piercing salon yesterday, I stopped at Duane Reade to get hair clips to keep my hair away from my ear. Typing that reminds me I didn’t get a Sports Illustrated when I went to lunch. Anyway, these stupid little clips are better then my pretty, expensive ones. Go figure.

Can’t remember what I was going to say now. That happens alot to me.

— Sent from my Palm Pre

Anniversary present and new earring

Em’s anniversary is coming up soon. A while back she was talking about her next piercing. Then the washer died, motor burned out. So she was bummed, cause she wanted an iPad and a new piercing. So told her I would pay for her next piercing. D was planning on surprising her with an iPad, but that plan and to be put on hold because of a mess up with the IRS.

Today I noticed a spot on my ear next to my blue diamond, looked like the skin had come off. I mentioned to Em that I wanted her to look at my ear and I was thinking of getting a different earring at Maria Tash, she asked me to pick out her earring when I went, so I decided to leave work a little early and go down to the store and do that, I didn’t mean I was going that day, but it worked out. I ordered Em’s earring, platinum with a black diamond, and the piercer checked my ear and then put my new earring in, its a fixed bead ring with an opal. She told me it is harder to get in and out but since I don’t plan on changing it I am not worried. It would look really pretty if I didn’t have this red spot on my ear. When it clears up I will post a picture.

>Federal Health Care Reform

>Since I have coverage through my employer (civil service). I haven’t paid much attention to this subject. Yesterday an e-mail was sent out detailing how this may impact NYS Heath Insurance Program.

The first sentance of the second paragraph states, “The impact probably won’t be significant.” That is a worry-some word, ‘probably’. Especially when later in the e-mail I read, “the value of an employee’s health benefit plan will be reported on the employee’s W-2.” What exactly does this mean? How will it be reported? Meaning as what? Taxible income? If so then that could end up a significant impact. One person’s response was “I think (lets hope) the reason for having it show up on a W-2 is for tracking proof of coverage.” If that is the case then it is just further watching by big brother.

>Trying to catch up

>So two short posts today. I hate posting when I have nothing to say, especially when I read other blogs with their elegant prose. I don’t have the ability to strings words together to make beautiful phrases and provoke deep thought. However, I have discovered that the more I post, the more I have to say, I remember what happens and find creative ways to say it. However, tonight my brain is not coming out with any profound thoughts.

If you came here hoping to be entertained or enlightened and are disappointed, I am sorry. Just in a slump, I am sure it will lift soon.

>This week I was going to get up and catch the 5:57 a.m. train. The FAIL in my blog post title should tell you how I did. Fotunately my idiot co-worker is not here to annoy me so my day is not totally sucking.

My co-worker who is a Mets fan just told me Yankee fans are over-confidant. She obviously doesn’t read the comments on the newspaper articles. So I guess she was talking about me since I am not upset about about the Yankees losing last night. I always thought if you were a fan, you are supposed to believe your time is going eventually triumph. I guess that’s what happens when you root for the Mets, you settle for loss and lose hope of winning.

>Completely different today

>It was very nice out yesterday. This morning I woke up to pouring rain. When I told my brother, good thing it is raining today instead of yesterday, my brother said, we would have just had a muddier walk, I didn’t tell him, you would have been walking alone bro, or at least without me. Ha Ha. He left today after church, he drove and left directly from there. I sent a text to my niece and an e-mail to my parents and sister-in-law. So far I have not heard back from them. Not really surprised, you wouldn’t be either if you knew my family.

When I got home Gwen pointed out that he left a couple of things so now I have to send them to him. Which means I need to get his address, what so I don’t know his address? We communicate electronically. Don’t judge me. Anyway, it is way past by bedtime, I am just trying to up my post count, I am way behind now on my blogging goal.

>My brother was here for a visit on Saturday. He lives in Washington State along with his family, his children and their families, my sister and her family and my parents. No they don’t all live in the same house, sheesh! They all live in the same general area. His company has him doing training all over the world and last week he was in Staten Island and next week he’ll be in Maine. So instead of going home and flying back, he came to visit me. He got quite a treat, Em was in the city so they were having fish for dinner. My sister-in-law doesn’t like fish so he almost never has it.

It was a beautiful day and he just wanted to drive around, so that’s what we did. Gwen and Tigger were with us for part of the day, then when we made a stop at home Gwen decided she wanted to stay there. We went to Stony Kill to walk around on the trails. I hope I didn’t pick up any ticks. I took a shower when I got home and threw my clothes in the dryer. My brother has a nice camera and wanted to take a bunch of pictures. I forgot mine and so have nothing to show you. Oh wait, I took some with my new phone. These geese were at the park in Poughkeepsie, they wanted us to feed them, we didn’t and so they left kind of mad, since they had posed for us. Ha HA, stupid geese.

We saw this tree at Stony Kill, don’t know what type of tree it is but I thought it was pretty.