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>Trying to catch up

>So two short posts today. I hate posting when I have nothing to say, especially when I read other blogs with their elegant prose. I don’t have the ability to strings words together to make beautiful phrases and provoke deep thought. However, I have discovered that the more I post, the more I have to say, I remember what happens and find creative ways to say it. However, tonight my brain is not coming out with any profound thoughts.

If you came here hoping to be entertained or enlightened and are disappointed, I am sorry. Just in a slump, I am sure it will lift soon.


>This week I was going to get up and catch the 5:57 a.m. train. The FAIL in my blog post title should tell you how I did. Fotunately my idiot co-worker is not here to annoy me so my day is not totally sucking.

My co-worker who is a Mets fan just told me Yankee fans are over-confidant. She obviously doesn’t read the comments on the newspaper articles. So I guess she was talking about me since I am not upset about about the Yankees losing last night. I always thought if you were a fan, you are supposed to believe your time is going eventually triumph. I guess that’s what happens when you root for the Mets, you settle for loss and lose hope of winning.