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>Completely different today

>It was very nice out yesterday. This morning I woke up to pouring rain. When I told my brother, good thing it is raining today instead of yesterday, my brother said, we would have just had a muddier walk, I didn’t tell him, you would have been walking alone bro, or at least without me. Ha Ha. He left today after church, he drove and left directly from there. I sent a text to my niece and an e-mail to my parents and sister-in-law. So far I have not heard back from them. Not really surprised, you wouldn’t be either if you knew my family.

When I got home Gwen pointed out that he left a couple of things so now I have to send them to him. Which means I need to get his address, what so I don’t know his address? We communicate electronically. Don’t judge me. Anyway, it is way past by bedtime, I am just trying to up my post count, I am way behind now on my blogging goal.


>My brother was here for a visit on Saturday. He lives in Washington State along with his family, his children and their families, my sister and her family and my parents. No they don’t all live in the same house, sheesh! They all live in the same general area. His company has him doing training all over the world and last week he was in Staten Island and next week he’ll be in Maine. So instead of going home and flying back, he came to visit me. He got quite a treat, Em was in the city so they were having fish for dinner. My sister-in-law doesn’t like fish so he almost never has it.

It was a beautiful day and he just wanted to drive around, so that’s what we did. Gwen and Tigger were with us for part of the day, then when we made a stop at home Gwen decided she wanted to stay there. We went to Stony Kill to walk around on the trails. I hope I didn’t pick up any ticks. I took a shower when I got home and threw my clothes in the dryer. My brother has a nice camera and wanted to take a bunch of pictures. I forgot mine and so have nothing to show you. Oh wait, I took some with my new phone. These geese were at the park in Poughkeepsie, they wanted us to feed them, we didn’t and so they left kind of mad, since they had posed for us. Ha HA, stupid geese.

We saw this tree at Stony Kill, don’t know what type of tree it is but I thought it was pretty.