>I didn’t tell you about “Timestalks – Rob Thomas, Singer-Songwriter; A conversation about music”, I didn’t get to tell you about the new washer. I missed posting my postcard on PFF. I have it scanned though and I will do it next week.

Timestalks was an interview with Rob Thomas, there was an audience and toward the end they opened it up for questions from the audience. It wasn’t a concert per se, but he brought his guitar and did some playing and singing, and now for the funny. Tigger was attending a lecture at John Jay. Em was getting her nails done so she asked me to walk down there with him. Which I did, then I walked back to meet her at the Timescenter Stage. She went there from her appointment but needed to find a bathroom. So she starts walking down 41st Street. She sees these two rather large men, and with them, Rob Thomas, she was 5 feet from him and didn’t even say hi. She was very upset, so of course I was razzing her, then she would say something like, “This coming from the person who when she met ….. ” It was a fun time.

Sometime in the past week or so the washer died. Completely. Normally D can get it running again, but this time it was a burnt out motor so no way. Thursday, on our way home from the city, Gwen sent Em a text about Em’s anniversary present. D had found a washer somewhere for a fantastic price. Its a front loader, which is what Em wanted, large capacity, also what Em wanted, and has sensors and things so you don’t have to measure the soap. You set the water temp, the type of clothes you are washing, how well you want them spun out. The washer weighs the clothes and puts in the right amount of soap and water. I did my first load tonight, and the clothes were almost dry coming out of the washer, I didn’t notice any nasty lint on them either like with the old washer. It has a hand wash setting. I may put my tights in see how that works.

The old washer was a washer dryer combination, so we no longer have a dryer. I had to clip my socks to hangers to dry them and hang the towels over the bottom of a hanger. I have a drying rack, but no place to put it. I’m am not really going to miss a dryer, I only used it for towels, sheets and socks and it steamed up the basement horribly.

I am pretty sure there was more to say, that is what I get for not blogging all week. Oh, I got a Palm Pre and got in a minor accident. I will have to talk about those things later.