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Anniversary present and new earring

Em’s anniversary is coming up soon. A while back she was talking about her next piercing. Then the washer died, motor burned out. So she was bummed, cause she wanted an iPad and a new piercing. So told her I would pay for her next piercing. D was planning on surprising her with an iPad, but that plan and to be put on hold because of a mess up with the IRS.

Today I noticed a spot on my ear next to my blue diamond, looked like the skin had come off. I mentioned to Em that I wanted her to look at my ear and I was thinking of getting a different earring at Maria Tash, she asked me to pick out her earring when I went, so I decided to leave work a little early and go down to the store and do that, I didn’t mean I was going that day, but it worked out. I ordered Em’s earring, platinum with a black diamond, and the piercer checked my ear and then put my new earring in, its a fixed bead ring with an opal. She told me it is harder to get in and out but since I don’t plan on changing it I am not worried. It would look really pretty if I didn’t have this red spot on my ear. When it clears up I will post a picture.


>Federal Health Care Reform

>Since I have coverage through my employer (civil service). I haven’t paid much attention to this subject. Yesterday an e-mail was sent out detailing how this may impact NYS Heath Insurance Program.

The first sentance of the second paragraph states, “The impact probably won’t be significant.” That is a worry-some word, ‘probably’. Especially when later in the e-mail I read, “the value of an employee’s health benefit plan will be reported on the employee’s W-2.” What exactly does this mean? How will it be reported? Meaning as what? Taxible income? If so then that could end up a significant impact. One person’s response was “I think (lets hope) the reason for having it show up on a W-2 is for tracking proof of coverage.” If that is the case then it is just further watching by big brother.