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>Time for bed

>So I really shouldn’t be sitting here on my computer, but I will not be here tomorrow. Work, then my nails, then the game. Em and I have tickets for the NYY vs. CWS at Yankee Stadium. That is kind of a DUH moment, since where else would we go to watch the Yankees?

I am also trying to catch up with my blogging posts. I have to blog every day, actually twice a day right now to match what I blogged last year. It is just an obsession with me to keep up. I don’t know why I feel like this, especially when I should be getting my bag ready for my long day so I will say good-night. I have my postcard post ready and it will post tomorrow, and then I will have to link it up later.


>Another punch buggy

>Yes I caught the early train two days in a row. I am so happy, well maybe happy is not quite the word for it. But I can’t think of a better one.

Been eating skittles. Lots of skittles, too many, I now have a sore tongue. So I sent a text to Gwen telling her where to find the ones I didn’t eat from the big bag at home. I think I will eat this one little bag and then stay away from them for a while.

And once again I can’t think of what to say, so I will have to talk to you later.

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