>It was very nice out yesterday. This morning I woke up to pouring rain. When I told my brother, good thing it is raining today instead of yesterday, my brother said, we would have just had a muddier walk, I didn’t tell him, you would have been walking alone bro, or at least without me. Ha Ha. He left today after church, he drove and left directly from there. I sent a text to my niece and an e-mail to my parents and sister-in-law. So far I have not heard back from them. Not really surprised, you wouldn’t be either if you knew my family.

When I got home Gwen pointed out that he left a couple of things so now I have to send them to him. Which means I need to get his address, what so I don’t know his address? We communicate electronically. Don’t judge me. Anyway, it is way past by bedtime, I am just trying to up my post count, I am way behind now on my blogging goal.