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Another little rant

This time about Tigger, I ordered two books one for him and one for me, only he kept both of them. This time he has just gone TOO far and I want my book. Actually now I want both of them and he can have them when he pays me for them.

I don’t know why I am so angry, I don’t normally get angry like this. I hope I calm down before morning because I really don’t want to start screaming and yelling. That would certainly not help things with D recovering from surgery and all.

Tomorrow is a Manhattan day, maybe that is what is wrong, it has been too long since I have been able to wander about Manhattan with Em. Talk to you later.


I wanted to send this on my train ride in but I couldn’t connect. To anything, NY Times, Twitter or e-mail. I also wasn’t getting any text updates and the e-mail icon wasn’t showing up. I was perplexed, thought maybe it was being on the train that was doing it. So I tried it when I got into work. I could send and receive text messages, but couldn’t go ‘online’. I sat there and stared at my phone, then I thought, it’s a mini computer, when you have a problem with your big computer you reboot. So I pressed the power button and got the shut down, airplane mode, or restart screen. So I touched restart. Problem solved. 

What I want to rant about is people who decide they have to disturb you. This morning there were a few seats open, nice seats with nothing on them and plenty of room. This woman decides she has to sit with me. So while I am playing with my phone, trying to get it to work, I have to stop and pick up my stuff so she can sit there.

People drive me crazy.

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