>Another day on the train headed to work, with a visit to the dr first. Then I have to buy a top, on my way across the parking lot I realized my top doesn’t match my pants. I also need some low rise pants like Em got Saturday. I realized that yesterday when I kept having to roll down the waistband of my pants.

That is not the only thing I had go wrong, Stitch has changed his mind about driving me to the train station so I have been driving and parking and I never got a current parking permit. So now I am wondering what to do, I don’t want to cancel my permit it I have to drive and park. On the other hand, I feel like I am wasting money paying for a parking permit when I’m getting dropped off when they are in school. *sigh*

Also, I forgot to charge my iPod, so soon I will not have music. Well on my phone, but I only have the one Red Hot Chili Pepper album on my phone.

Now for the rant, I hate it when people think that they don’t need their headlights on in the morning, yes I know it is light out, but until the sun comes up, you need your headlights on.
Well, I think that’s all.

— Sent from my Palm Pre

— Sent from my Palm Pre