>Governor Dave’s big idea to ‘help the taxpayers’ proves that he is an idiot and a thug. By putting furloughs in emergency bill he essentially twisted the arm of the legislature. The fact that the legislature is a bunch of spineless fools made it easy for him.

Apparently the Governor has forgotten that every one of the employees he is maligning and calling selfish are taxpayers. Yes Dave, we pay taxes, we spend money in the state of New York, we are a vital part of the state’s economy. In your single minded drive to bust the unions (which is what it looks like to me) you are shooting the state of New York in the foot. How does this help? Lower wages mean less taxes collected and less money spent in New York State. It also lowers the morale of state workers as we sit around and read depressing e-mails and wonder what are we going to do with a cut of 20% in our income. Not that morale was very high before this our agency already having been gutted.

And when people call complaining about lack of services? Well that won’t affect you, sitting in your mansion with your new Turkish rug (yes I am still pissed about that). That is the benefit of being an idiot and a thug, you can remove yourself from the chaos while others suffer.