>I have been trrying to get back to my regular, or maybe I should say, the time I’m supposed to be on the train. Today was a good day to start since today is payday, so I draged myself out of bed, a little later then I wanted and then my contacts wouldn’t co-operate. The left one, even after I took it out is still bothering me. When we left the house with less then 10 minutes to get there I was sure I wouldn’t make it.

Driving to the train station, I resisted the urge to push the issue and fly through town like a crazy woman. When I got to the train station the train wasn’t there. I took that as a good sign. It pulled in as I was coming up the stairs.

Stitch and I want to know who cancelled summer. It was 40⁰F (4⁰C) this a.m. Are you f*cking kidding me?! I have my jacket on and not just because I forgot to wear a bra.

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