>Day 3 of Weight Watchers, and it is harder then I remember. Either that or I just have gotten used to eating whatever I want, which of course is why I gained 25 pounds. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to start listing what I ate here, I do that on Facebook. Right now I am not really changing what I am eating, just cutting out the junk. Now I am the ‘if I eat it I have to count it’ and when I look at how many points is in a bag of chips …. I weighed myself and I am up a pound from Saturday. No, I don’t think I have gained, it was the end of the day and Saturday I weighed in the morning.

The plan was also to get back to Allsport, except when I got home my car was not here. So instead I went for a walk. Gwen went with me, we walked to Ron’s then home. On the way home, walking past the park I looked up on the grass and a deer was standing there watching us. I stopped Gwen and pointed she looked up at the deer and I gave it a little wave, when I did that it flipped its tail at me. No I am not kidding, making this up or delusional. I was getting my phone out to take a picture when it really started waving its tail around and I knew it was gonna run away, and it did.

This is not the first time I have seen deer in this park, once before I saw a whole family. The really amazing thing? This park is in the middle of town.